Private window fails to close and keeps running in background

Description of the issue: With “Close window when last tab is closed” option disabled merging tabs of private windows doesn’t close the window itself despite it being no longer visible or accessible. The private window counter also does not decrease and closing all available private windows doesn’t purge the cache and cookies stored in the private browsing.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Disable “Close window when last tab is closed” in Settings>System
  2. Open Private Window and have two tabs open
  3. login to a website
  4. Drag one of the tabs to create a new Private window
    (after this you should have two private windows with one tab each)
  5. drag the tab from one of the private windows and place it in the other private window.
    (you should have one window private with two tabs now).
  6. Close all visible private windows (this should purge all data from private browsing)
  7. Open a new Private window
  8. Go to the site you logged into and check login status
  9. Check private windows counter on top right

**Expected result: Data from private browsing is erased(site is logged out) and private window count is 1(no number is shown when private window count is 1) **

**Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.63.169 **

**Additional Information: “Continue running background apps when brave is closed” is disabled **

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