Brave is no longer staying in the background

Description of the issue:
Brave is no longer staying in the background

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. update to current version
  2. be on windows 10 or 11
  3. Toggle Continue running background apps when Brave is closed -on

Expected result:
brave should be in the process view as running

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.40.113** (July 5th, 2022)

Additional Information:
toggle between on and off. no change. uninstalled and reinstalled brave, no change
Also no listing for Brave in Windows Background Apps
Also verified same issue with the current Beta release


Try installing the extension … Reverso @–-translation-dic/onhiacboedfinnofagfgoaanfedhmfab

Strange, but it works!

Read more in the original post: Brave icon not appearing on Windows 11 Taskbar corner - #5 by rschilt

Do you have anything in brave://apps/?

The extension worked, TYVM

Do you have any other extensions installed in the browser at this time?


Not super clear if the intended behavior of any of those is to run in the background, but its worth noting that that typically is the reason the browser process does continue to run even when the browser is closed.

none of them do run in the background. just really needed Brave to run in the background to be able to save all login status

Question, why does the current Brave need that extension to be able to stay running in the background?

Hey @Mattches,

Speaking of which…

What does this feature below means? I was never sure and always left it disabled…

Because by default the browser does not run in the background.

:point_up: Brave should remember your login status for sites without needing to run in the background. Can you tell me more about this issue? Is it that once you login to sites and close the browser, when you reopen it your credentials for those sites are not remembered?

they are not, I get logged out of everything

also , the last version did run in the background, why did you change it?

Can you check your settings at brave://settings/privacy? In particular, click on Clear browsing data and then check On Exit tab, such as you see in screenshot below.

The only way it should be logging you out of everything is if you’re clearing cookies and all.

I do have cookies and cached images checked, have always had them checked, Last version too and there was no issue with it remaining in task bar after closing, again why did it change with this version

Well, that shouldn’t be the case. Cookies are how you stay signed in. If you remove the cookie, it has no idea who you are. It shouldn’t have kept you logged in on sites if you had been clearing cookies on exit every time.

Yeah, not sure about this. I hadn’t even noticed it missing until you showed here. I see I have it enabled to always run but I see it doesn’t show down there anymore. I’m sure Mattches will let us know if that was a change upstream or what might have changed in that regard.

The only time it clears cookies and stuff I have checked is on full exit not close. via right click of the icon and exit,

For Windows, closing the browser (using the x on top-right) is the same as a Right-click --> Exit. If you have the browser set to clear cache and cookies when the browser is exited, then you should expect to see yourself logged out of websites — it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. If you were able to close the browser before with those options selected and you didn’t get logged out/data wasn’t cleared, then that would have been the issue. From what I can tell here, the browser is working as expected.

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Running in the background is a taskbar process as seen in the screenshot
Closing via the X at the top right closes the browser window(like minimize), not the process. Same as it was in Chome always

I have X’d the window and it now sits in the pinned area and also resides in the taskbar process

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