Request: Ctrl + B shows bookmarks sidebar

Dear all,

Would it be possible to map Ctrl + B / Cmd + B to show and hide the bookmarks sidebar? This is a feature I used often in Firefox to drag from the address bar to a bookmark subdirectory. It was very convenient for quickly bookmarking a page under its category.

In my head it wouldn’t be a difficult change, so hopefully it will be considered for a future release :slight_smile:


@releasethegeese I know you’re requesting custom mapping/shortcuts. But just wanted to also make sure you’re fully aware that Ctrl + Shift + b is the current command to show/hide the bookmark bar. Also if want to get to your Bookmarks Manager, would be Ctrl + Shift + o

Lastly, not sure if you’re aware, but there’s a bookmark icon Captures 2_12_2023 20_54_50 on the left of your search bar. Clicking it, you can then choose where to save the bookmark, such as seen below:

Captures 2_12_2023 20_56_06

This very quickly will show all folders you have made in Bookmarks and lets you drop it in them.

Just curious if these kind of fulfill what you’re requesting based on the description or if you’re primarily just wanting to customize shortcuts?

Hi @Saoiray thanks for getting back.

Sorry I should’ve been clearer, I meant the bookmarks sidebar and not the toolbar. In Firefox this is hidden/shown by Ctrl + B. In Brave I have to click a few times to bring it up.

I find it most effective to make a new bookmark using a tree view because I have quite a few nested categories; I just drag the icon to the subdirectory, this works better than a dropdown.

This is something I’m missing too. In Firefox you can open a sidebar with your bookmarks listed in it with manageability, similar to the function that the “Show Sidebar”-Button Brave has:

There is an available option to open the sidebar through a mouse hover event, but I would like to have an additional option to open and close the sidebar with a shortcut.

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I’m not quite sure how long the spam-check of my previous reply takes… So I write again, without a picture example:

In Firefox you can bind a key to open the sidebar with a bookmark tree view. In Brave the only option, currently, is to enable a mouse-hover event to make the sidebar shown.

This sidebar also has a bookmark with a tree view tab. It would be nice to access the sidebar with a shortcut-key and to make the bookmark tab the default view.

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I am missing as well a hotkey to toggle the sidebar on and off. Would be great to have this feature.

Sidebar can be shown/hidden by clicking the sidebar icon

And bookmarks are there

hi @rodrige, jepp but for me it would be easier to use a keyboard shortcut to show and hide the sidebar… This would be awesome!

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How do I disable this feature in the latest version of Brave?
Not at all a good feature for the work I do because a site that I visit uses the Ctrl+B as a function within the side - now this sidebar pops out automatically - I searched through all the settings and not able to find a switch to turn this off.
If it is now hard coded into Brave - will have to change to another browser.


Sorry, but this request interpheres with industry standard shortcuts for formatting texts used on many websites, forums, cmsses and other online apps; ctrl+B is used to make a selection in a textbox bold. Just like it is in many word processors, like word, excel and libre office equivalents.

Because of this change now everytime we make a text bold this reading list pops up, which is extremely annoying.

Please change this back or give us at least the possibility to turn this keyboard shortcut off / let us change it.

How can we turn this off so Ctrl+B doesn’t trigger this feature and just works as it has to work again?

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This discussion help me.

You can change this shortcut in this URL: brave://settings/system/shortcuts