Keyboard shortcut to bookmarks?

A nice feature in Firefox is Ctrl + B for displaying bookmarks for searching. It would be nice to have this option as part of Brave.

Obviously you’re not a researcher so you wouldn’t concern yourself with bookmarks, otherwise you wouldn’t have made such a vacuous comment.

There is a list of Brave keyboard shortcuts here, just a “brave browser keyboard shortcuts” search away… bookmark it. :slight_smile: They’re more or less the same as for Chrome anyways.

On macOS it’s ⌥⌘B (that’s Option + Command + b), on Windows and Linux it’s Ctrl + Shift + o to open the bookmarks manager, then ⌘F (or Control + f or F3 on the other OS) to search.

Apparently there’s no bookmarks sidebar as in Firefox which would be nice, but perhaps there’s an extension.

Thank you! This is what I was hoping for; greatly appreciated!

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