Custom keyboard shortcut to open,focus, close the bookmark sidebar

I have surveyed old posts. The sidebar is great. A keyboard shortcut to open, gain the focus and close (toggle) this sidebar would be wonderful. You could allow custom shortcuts to be added as well. This would solve it. Whatever is easier on the developer side. Thanks!

THis ^

Seems soo obvious and easy to add. Please give us a toggle shortcut option.

In Librewolf, the shortcut is Ctrl-B


Missing the option as well.

Brave already offers keyboard customization in Nightly. So you could have gone to Github, check the issue and see its progress instead of necropost, the only thing Brave has to bring is the UI to settings currently its hidden in brave://commands after enabling the flag.

Obviously if people are expecting it to be on stable, no, again, github can answer all these questions.
The Issue was opened since 2018 and it is finally completed, of course it doesn’t mean the commands will do what you want, in that case, it is a command request and not keyboard customization.