Rendering Delay on “The Verge”, Part 3

Previous two threads on this unfortunately closed automatically:

Since the last reporting of this rendering delay for the delay has continued, was hoping something could be done to finally resolve this once and for all. This was initially fixed temporarily, then there was a regression, then another change happened on my “Part 2” post but at no point did I see a positive change in behavior after that went live back in December.

Thanks again for anything that can be done to resolve or mitigate this.

Try turning off “Use hardware acceleration when available” from the Settings screen :slight_smile: It loaded fine for me just now.

Make sure you’re also on the latest build of Brave.

Apologies @tD3rk

We’re soon rolling out uBO fixes which should help with page delays. (a better fix than we had before). Just taking a bit of time for quality testing.

Thanks again fanboy :). I hate to be a bother posting about the same issue but I figured it got lost in the shuffle, glad to hear some fixes are incoming and I really do appreciate the effort put into resolving issues like this.

Try testing in Brave Nightly, see if its improved there

Hmm, as far as I can tell there is no nightly for Brave on Android…

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