Insane decrease in performance on mobile platform

Hello dear developers,

After the last update I am very sad to see that the performance of the up has gone from perfect to poor. Before the last update the app was super perfect on my android device but now it takes 10 seconds for the app to launch.
The version I am using on my phone is 1.5.120.

I wish you guys fix this as soon as possible.
Thank you.


I had to uninstall. It lags and glitches on android. I also cannot put my credentials when logging to my bank. It just freezes. It also no longer allows to exit the browser when closing all tabs.

Currently using Firefox Preview until Brave Devs fixes buggy 1.5.120 version.

Well I don’t wanna loss all of my data by reinstalling the app unless there is a way to backup the data like login information which doesn’t exist in this browser and even if you turn it on it won’t work.

I reinstalled but it solved nothing. :-1:

Guess all we can do is wait this out.

I am gonna use the kiwi browser.
It proves to be fast and reliable.

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Never heard of it. I might check it out.

The closest to Brave mobile speed so far that I’ve seen is Firefox Preview. It also got ublock built in. I have Samsung browser but I am not comfortable with it.

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Can you please add the device details and the Android version running?

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017
Ram: 3 GB
Cpu: Arm 8 cores
Rom: 32 GB
Android: 8.0.0

Let me know if you need more information.

Can you try clearing app cache from settings and relaunch to see if the performance is better?

I did that and unfortunately I lost all my data but the problem is still happening.

It was perfect but the last update messed up the entire app.

Will pass on the info to the development team and try to get this fixed asap


I’m having the same problem. On Android it looks like Brave performance degrades with time, up to the point where the browser becomes unusable. It takes more than 10 seconds to launch; it randomly freezes for several seconds; opening keyboard on a form is very very slow. When Brave freezes, even the OS becomes sluggish: going back to the home screen (the launcher) is painfully slow.

In order to solve the problem I had to clear all the browser data (not just the cache). I’ve done this about 3 months ago, and now the problem is coming back: the browser apparently becomes slower and slower every day.

My phone is a Nexus 5X (2 GB of RAM).

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