Rendering Delay on "The Verge", Part 2

Previous thread on this unfortunately closed automatically (missed the notification that it had been replied to, sorry!): Rendering delay of "The Verge" on Android

The rendering delay for has remained since November 13th when it was re-introduced. I’ve gone to a handful of other Vox properties (Curbed, Eater, etc.) and do not experience the same delay there. Anything that could be done to fix this again would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again!

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Thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention. Just checking now and the delay does appear to be back/present. I’ve reached out to our filter engineer to take a look and address the issue.

Bit harder to debug this one, we do have some incoming features (like UBO snippets) which should fix this. Specifically this rule:, (), 1500)

No eta just yet, but it should stop these small delays in rendering on the site.

Just wanted to say thank you again to you both - super appreciate the quick and active development you guys do.

Might’ve found a fix. give it a few days when the lists update.

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