Problem with the browser

I have a problem with brave and it is when I am using the browser, the color about all the screen begin to look, terrible, and it’s

not my laptop, thus happen In brave, only in brave i need help with this, is very annoying

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Hello there,
I have been using Brave Windows since a month, earlier I was using Microsoft Edge, which was working perfectly. But I am facing issues on Desktop build of Brave like

  1. Animations/motions are not smooth on webpages, they are lagging. Similarly with scrolling, not smooth
  2. The web-page loading indication favicons are also not smooth as it needs to be
  3. The Tab opening/closing animation is not fluent, somewhat lag there also

Rest, everything is perfect. Looking to make Brave my primary browser on Desktop as well, if above mentions issues are tackled. On Android, it’s already my primary browser :slightly_smiling_face: since an year !!!

Hey Jaff14 and Mayank,

I believe that this is a hardware acceleration issue. Go to brave://settings/system and turn off hardware acceleration. That’ll hopefully fix this for you.

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I have hardware acceleration turned on in Microsoft Edge, everything works smooth and fine.
The details I mentioned in the previous post can be observed by some UI/UX guy. Difficult to catch that by normal guy