Image rendering and crashes

How can this issue be reproduced?

On Windows 10/11 (1.37.116) and prior, embedded images render blurrier in Chromium based browsers.

On Android 11/12 (1.37.113) and the past few releases, the browser takes over 30 seconds to minutes to load but more importantly, crashes frequently, regardless of usage and can freeze the OS.

@mte ,

Screenshots re images problem, will help.

Update Brave Browser Android.

Look for Android info - scroll down to

Brave Browser for Android - at GitHub


Need the following information - #2 by 289wk

The rendering issue occurs at or below 110% from what I can tell (but not when further zoomed in). I am on the latest release for Brave on Android.

Also, are you certain I should sideload, and if so, which apk (monoarm64, for instance)? I believe the Google Play Store only pushes out the second latest so we won’t be able to have 116 until the next release without sideloading.

I looked more closely into the issue on Windows and it appears that Chromium browsers suffer from rendering images embedded in websites rather poorly compared to browsers based on other engines such as Gecko.

The new update on Android came out so I will check as to whether the issue has been resolved, but I believe it was the implementation of the sync feature (which I don’t use at all) causing significant issues.

The issue of Brave Sync crashes is still present with the latest release, but the search no longer takes several seconds to a minute.

@mte Posted links for a topic similar to yours below. You might want to check it out. Might help. I think this was supposed to be fixed in the current releases, so might be beneficial to tag the moderators Monday so they are aware the issue still exists.

The issue is that Brave has crashed constantly since the past few releases on Android for me. I’m using 1.37.116 and now it prompts each crash, “We have detected that you have Brave Sync enabled, however your system sync is turned off and will not allow Brave to sync. Press to open settings.”

In the previous release, the browser was very sluggish but that was resolved with the update.

The image rendering seems to be a Chromium issue, so that will need to be fixed upstream.

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