Remove web torrent feature. It's useless!

Web Torrent is a bad feature. Remove the garbage

Download a Torrent

"Aaw Snap! Out of memory" when clicking on 'Save all’

Save my file

Almost all the time

OS - doesn’t matter. Happened across 3 different OS’s already

This is a really poofy feature with an even poofier implementation. I mean serioussly, out of memory error and I completely lose my download??? Even a 1GB ISO on a laptop with 8GB RAM??? Seriously? I get that the feature can be disabled. I get that one of your developers think’s the whole world can do with rubbing poofy in our faces but seriously, this feature is half assed and cause more headache than it solves. Either remove the feature or disable the feature by default or at least for the love that is all things good, give us a choice to configure it for better usability ffs. How hard would it be to add an option to cash the download on disk in case of a power failure or browser crash so we can pick up where it left off. I bill my customers by the hour and to wait for a download to start from the beginning because of this crap feature is fkn crazy!!! Now I have to bill an hour less to my client because you knobs think like Microsoft. “I swear profusely at Brave developers and decision makers!?!?”

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