Remove the Download Bar - a clear Dealbreaker!

Searched all over for a way to remove the very intrusive Download Bar in Brave that pops up all the time. Haven´t found it which is at a minimum - fantastic.
It should clearly be in the settings but are not - haven´t found it in the flag section either…
Saw this post on the same matter but with no response:

It is almost as if someone do not want it removed or to have a nice easy setting…

Ok, are there any info on how to remove this irritating and completely un-logical feature - that make good browsing impossible - or not…?
(This even goes into the tagging - as it seems can not tag this download or download bar…??)

The Brave browser is otherwise very nice - to not say - the best - to bad if this should break it.




It should be somewhere at about:flags. But I haven’t found the correct setting there yet either.

I have not found it either.
I saw this tutorial:

  • Find the New Downloads UI flag there.

But I do not find that setting in my Brave browser - I´ve checked the whole list.

Probably could start up a whole nation on this if I wanted. Must be 100 of thousands that thought about this…
Really like the browser though - it is clearly the best - with Vivaldi - but cannot keep on hazzling with this 40 times a day.

Thanks for reply!


Hi, you could actually sign up for this in the Feature Request section. The topic you posted doesn’t give any reasons why this should be done, although the template says so. It may not have been dealt with.

I myself am also in favour of this bar not appearing, but, in my case, that the downloads are handled in the same way as with Firefox.

I like to quote myself - it gives such a depth to the conversation. Quote Steinbeck

Obviously it takes space from the desktop view bigtime - and to put it down on an ongoing basis doesn´t seem to have much of an upside either - as a matter of fact - it seems to have a big downside.
Thanks for the tips though - I might do it - but this is so obvious that I do not have much hope.

Thanks again for your reply!:wink:


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I’m so glad. Nice, that you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered

According to the proposal, reasons should be given as to why it should be seriously considered. To want something out of one’s own comfort that might not bother everyone else (“The bar is intrusive and reduces the reading pane”) is not a real argument for me. Maybe someone from the Brave Team sees it differently.

Let’s assume that the thread about the reading area and the intrusiveness is a serious problem. Why has it not been corrected by the developers after such a long time?


To have the option at least to move it or turn it off is for me a no-brainer and must be very good in every scenario regarding this bar. I think It is kind of self-evident that it would be but anything is up for grabs.
An icon up in the menue is certainly not a problem - but a big bar that pops up all the time in my view is. But you´re right - who am I to question this - if everybody else thinks it is a killer app.

I get what you say - do not want to seem unreasonable - just to solve the problem or give a good feedback. But I simply can not use Brave as my default browser anymore - life goes on.

Appreciate the reply though and hope everybody enjoy the D-Bar! to the fullest;)

One more quote and I am on my way…

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Best wishes!:wink:


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Just found the all out solution and I post it here if I am not alone in the world to don´t want the D-Bar in my sights. (Best would be to have a setting is my feedback)

AutoHideDownloadsBar - turn it off or show it just when the download runs.

Best wishes!


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