The download bar at the bottom is too thick. It should be thinner or replaced with a download icon in the toolbar

If you compare it to browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome you can see that:

Firefox and Opera don’t even have a huge bar occupying reading space at the bottom. But a tiny icon up in the toolbar. Much less intrusive than the huge bar.

Chrome (which Brave is supposed to be a variation of) does have a bar at the bottom. But it is thinner. Not as thin as it could be, but thinner.

I think that having this bar be so huge is annoying. Because it limits your screen real state and reduces the available space to see actual content you want to see.

Also, this higly obtrusive bar is half empty anyway. Specially when you have downloaded a single file, why does it have to be in a tiny corner making the bar thicker and taller when it could expand to the center and right of the bar (which is completely empty and pure grey space anyway), which would turn it into one single line of text making the download bar way thinner?

Failing that, you could include a download icon like Firefox and Opera. Way less obtrusive.

My laptop is only 13 inches. I can’t afford to waste all that screen real space on what is a 90% empty grey bar. That’s like four lines of text.


Thanks for the feedback @Engines_Warrior,

IIRC, @kliu is working on new design for download bar. Maybe she can put your feedback for consideration. :wink:

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I agree. coming from chrome it’s very thick, too bad you can’t customize the download bar or resize it in settings


What about this thing. Others are also whining about that the bar is too big and it really is.

It dosnt need to have two lines, if it not even show whole url on it, so it not need that second line for file url, just the filename is ok and other things can be then found from “show all/internal download manager site”

It is better that, they who want two line download bar, can activate it from flags.

Adding @kliu to this too :slight_smile:

Download bar is too thick. It should be thin enough to only display file name. otherwise its waste of browser real estate.

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… And still no new design :slight_smile:
This coming from the latest nightly of this day:

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Came looking for this. Apparently it has been this way for too long. This is too much wasted space.


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it give uncomfortable feeling specially when i am using youtube…

Over a year using this browser and I can honestly say that I will never go back to Chrome or Firefox but the bar does drive me nuts. Starting to wonder if any of the developers ever download anything, it’s got to be an easy fix.


Guys don’t worry, they’re busy fixing sync issues, BAT not transferred to verified wallets, ads not showing, and several other serious issues.

I’m sure they’ll manage to stop introducing new critical bugs, and find the time to work on this feature maybe next year.

All I need is that bar gone all together. It’s for computer novices. It always gets in the way, and over and over again I need to close the bar so I can see everything. I see people have been complaining for years and nothing has been fixed. Just let me turn it off with a flag or something, but I can’t find anything.


that’s a good idea @141

Here’s an extension I got from another thread that works for me.
The download bar doesn’t appear when you download something.
Hope it helps :smiley:

I don’t want to use extensions because they’re often spying on you.

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The one thierryonre linked is the one I’ve been using for over a month now. I read it’s source and it’s literally two lines to keep the bar hidden, and that is all.

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who needs even to get a notification for a download?? just get rid of the subroutine

agree; especially anything from google

It’s one of the only things I don’t like.

yeah i dont like it pls replace it …

Agree, we already are prompted location to save it. Please at the least create a setting to turn it off for those that dont want . Thanks

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