The download bar at the bottom is too thick. It should be thinner or replaced with a download icon in the toolbar



If you compare it to browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome you can see that:

Firefox and Opera don’t even have a huge bar occupying reading space at the bottom. But a tiny icon up in the toolbar. Much less intrusive than the huge bar.

Chrome (which Brave is supposed to be a variation of) does have a bar at the bottom. But it is thinner. Not as thin as it could be, but thinner.

I think that having this bar be so huge is annoying. Because it limits your screen real state and reduces the available space to see actual content you want to see.

Also, this higly obtrusive bar is half empty anyway. Specially when you have downloaded a single file, why does it have to be in a tiny corner making the bar thicker and taller when it could expand to the center and right of the bar (which is completely empty and pure grey space anyway), which would turn it into one single line of text making the download bar way thinner?

Failing that, you could include a download icon like Firefox and Opera. Way less obtrusive.

My laptop is only 13 inches. I can’t afford to waste all that screen real space on what is a 90% empty grey bar. That’s like four lines of text.


Thanks for the feedback @Engines_Warrior,

IIRC, @kliu is working on new design for download bar. Maybe she can put your feedback for consideration. :wink: