Download Bar - Kindly REMOVE it. Thanks!

Please get rid of the download bar. I don’t like it. Your forums contain many references from many others who also do not like it. It’s a highly annoying impediment, requiring users to click it off each and every time they make a download – as if they weren’t already supremely aware of what they just downloaded!

Please: Get rid of it.

At the very least, provide a settings option entitled, “Show download bar” and allow ALL users who are just as annoyed by it’s intrusive nature as I am to toggle it off for good.

Thank you!

Many times many users have requested to change the download bar and make it like (Firefox or Edge) or just remove it but no response from Devs.


Yup They don’t seem responsive and If at all they can’t change the location of download bar they can just make it hidden.
And whenever a download is initiated we would get a popup, arrow or something like that to show that downloading has begin.


I completely agree. Both Brave and Vivaldi are based on Chromium. Vivaldi provides a quick pop-up instead of that accursed bar just like Google Chrome. There should be no reason Brave cannot make a change whether it’s a pop-up or something else. That accursed bar is truly terrible and about the only thing I dislike about Brave’s desktop version which I think is overall now the best browser available.

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I agree,
They can and will make it but for now just give an option to remove download bar and instead show a notification that downloading has begin because that download bar is of no use every time it pops up takes space and I have to immediately close it and if you are downloading multiple items then it becomes even worse.
So Brave Devs start working on changing the download bar and for now just give an option to completely make it hidden.

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I’d love this feature too.