Remove device with old browser version

Description of the issue: Need help removing device from sync chain

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup

  2. delete a device with last active date Mon Nov 16 2020

  3. No remove icon

Reproduces how often: Always

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Version 1.50.125 Chromium: 112.0.5615.165 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
Fedora Linux 37
Windows 10
Ubuntu Linux 22.10
Android 13
Android 11
Fedora Linux on Defunct device updated to the latest around June 2020

Additional Information:
Defunct device added in the sync chain

Title	navoy.vanoy
ID	sdbbcfb03-b10b-4ee2-85af-73fd0e309200
Modification Time	2020-11-16 07:46:59 +08
Is Folder	null
Type	Device Info
External ID	null
  "CLIENT_TAG_HASH": "NtbXRq2mX+ozrDL3t3V43bn4i+s=",
  "CTIME": "2020-08-16 17:01:24 +08",
  "ID": "sdbbcfb03-b10b-4ee2-85af-73fd0e309200",
  "MTIME": "2020-11-16 07:46:59 +08",
  "NAME": "navoy.vanoy",
  "NON_UNIQUE_NAME": "navoy.vanoy",
  "PARENT_ID": "",
    "device_info": {
      "cache_guid": "SNYVqIDVW2SLHG7uZxsnqA==",
      "chrome_version": " (Developer Build d8a506935fc2273cfbac5e5b629d74917d9119c7-refs/branch-heads/4240@{#1431} Linux)",
      "client_name": "navoy.vanoy",
      "device_type": "TYPE_LINUX",
      "feature_fields": {
        "send_tab_to_self_receiving_enabled": false
      "last_updated_timestamp": "1605484015566",
      "manufacturer": "SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.",
      "model": "RF510/RF410/RF710",
      "signin_scoped_device_id": "9c11e988-4277-4db5-b7d3-eb3be8a1d965",
      "sync_user_agent": "Chrome LINUX (d8a506935fc2273cfbac5e5b629d74917d9119c7-refs/branch-heads/4240@{#1431}) channel(stable)"
  "metadata": {
    "acked_sequence_number": "0",
    "client_tag_hash": "NtbXRq2mX+ozrDL3t3V43bn4i+s=",
    "creation_time": "1597568484154",
    "is_deleted": false,
    "modification_time": "1605484019963",
    "possibly_trimmed_base_specifics": {},
    "sequence_number": "0",
    "server_id": "dbbcfb03-b10b-4ee2-85af-73fd0e309200",
    "server_version": "9",
    "specifics_hash": "BIvh3dcWUZvKXSoYTwCDYt03sHk="
  "modelType": "Device Info"

You can remove a device from a sync chain by going to brave settings → Sync → Manage your synced devices → Press on ‘X’ or Garbage Bin button on it. You can do it from any device on the sync chain.

if there’s no delete button, I will tag @mattches to assist here.

Hi There is no delete button

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you no longer have access to the device that you’re looking to remove from the train, is that correct?

Hi Mattches
Yes, the device is no longer with me. Seek your help to delete it from sync chain

If you do not see these x’s on the brave://sync page then something weird is going on.

Let me reach out to the team to see how these devices can be removed.

Hello @linuxer68

Sorry, but this is expected.

Details are at and

Brief reason - the device you want to delete is of version 1.16.76 < 1.18.19 and id doesn’t support self-delete procedure, so if we will delete it but it will not do the procedure of removing itself from the chain, and then this device 1.16.76 will get back online - then it will still see all the changes from other device, but other devices will not indicate it with their device’s list. This is the reason why we could not merge that PR and fix your issue.

The only thing to do now - leave the chain on all devices, or even delete sync account and then re-join the required devices.