Brave Sync Device Management

Brave Sync question/suggestion.

My laptops HDD failed catastrophically. As a result I am unable to “Leave Sync Chain” from the device.

I didn’t think this would be an issue because below the Device List it states “Each device can be managed from any other device.” Yet confusingly I am unable to work out how to remove it.

Am I missing something or is this feature not available yet?

Edit: Removing a device from the chain should be available in the event of a lost or stolen device.

I know…I did the same thing with my phone :))
My old phone is still there, but has not been active for a long time :frowning:

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Sync account brave please

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There has been an update which allows deletion but strangely I cannot delete the old ones that I wanted to:


Hello…I noticed this today :sweat_smile:
But I don’t know why is this :))
Maybe a bug

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Yeah it’s strange. They added the option to delete but we are still unable to remove the ones we wanted! I wonder what went wrong…


@Andrei.T @Matthew_Bester all devices must be in the latest release. That said, delete button only available for device with the latest version. 🤷

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Yeah that’s the problem, these devices are lost or stolen. They won’t get updatee. There should be a work around.

The follow up comment from issue above. Quoted below

Inherited part code from Chromium does cleanup for devices which hadn’t do any activity for a long period (~3 months if I remember correctly).

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Ah that would be great if they expire after set amount of time, I guess I’ll update this in 2 more months.


Ah I missed that :sweat_smile:
That explain everything :))

@Matthew_Bester Hello
I just saw today that the inactive device has been automatically deleted from the chain.
As you can see in my previous reply, that device(PRA-LX1) has not been active for 2 months.
So just wait :))


Ah that’s great news! Thanks for the update. I’ll see when mine disappears then mark as Solved.

Edit: my inactive devices did remove themselves after a couple of months too.


How about Can brave programmers program a simple button for Autosync?? im tired of manual sync.

Mine does autosync, it is very fast too. I can add a bookmark on one device and by the time I look it has already appeared on the next.

Did you try toggling these settings on/off?

I have it set to sync everything I also do a file backup of my bookmarks when i change enough stuff and i place that file on a different drive along with the sync chain code…i was just wondering if when i save a backup file to my other drive if it autobacks up to that file or if i have to continually unchain and rechain in order for that to happen???

Perhaps there are conflicts between devices. Try making an up to date backup, store for safety. Then one by one delete everything on all your devices. Once everything is empty use your backup to import to main device. This should force them all to sync from one source.

My question then would be it must obviously only sync and keep the data on the device and NOT in the cloud…Cloud sync to say google with restore ability would be the best choice…can the developers put this in place. If my computer fails and i need to reinstall my system then what?? everything is lost. Lots of people dont backup their systems…I am working on getting an external drive to system backup but you get what i mean…

My laptop recently failed, legacy boot error. Wouldn’t even enter Safe Mode. I had to reinstall Windows, reinstalled Brave, I used the sync code and everything was as it was. No problem.

Hence the original post, the old sync’d device is still in the list but by the sounds of it will drop off in a few months.

ok thanks for the info