Release 0.69 brings 2-way user wallets to Brave Rewards

On the 3rd of October, Brave will release user wallets that will allow users to add BAT via US dollar or other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, take out BAT earned via Brave Rewards and convert to fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as take out BAT they previously deposited in their Brave wallet. This functionality will be provided via our partner, Uphold.

For users who will verify their user wallets:

  1. BAT that you deposited previously to the Brave Rewards wallet will be deposited back to your user wallet immediately
  2. All of your previously earned BAT via Brave Ads will be deposited to your user wallet before Nov 1, 2019
  3. If you verified before Thursday, Oct 4 by 9 AM PDT your Brave Ads rewards for the month of September will be directly deposited to your account by Oct 5, 2019
  4. All of your future Ads and other Rewards will be deposited directly to your wallet

We also want to reiterate that verifying your wallet is not mandatory to use Brave Rewards. Users do not need to sign up for this functionality to use Brave Rewards, earn BAT from private ads, and give it back to their favorite sites and channels.

Please note that Brave will continue to hold and manage all of the grants that are made available to you. Here is the link to the release details.

Let’s change the way the internet works, yet one more time!


The Brave Rewards team


One other note: currently when you attempt to verify/create your wallet, the flow is not pushing you to perform an ID check. We recommend you perform the ID check to be fully verified for earning rewards via direct deposits. We are working to fix the flow - stay tuned!


The issue above is now fixed; the ID check flow does trigger.
For those who managed to sign up, you should get a direct deposit to your wallets tomorrow. Would love to get open feedback here for those who got paid!

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@alex Got paid. Just received an email with the Message: payout for September ad earnings. Although I still have some money I’ve earned previously which the browser is not allowing to successfully withdraw to uphold. It takes me to the page but nothing happens. Not sure if its a glitch.

Same as badringz 257 in browser but only 36 on uphold

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Great shift, but it is still rather cumbersome to handle the whole thing via third party that racks quite some nasty fees for any movement of tokens. Are we going to get the opportunity in a forseeable future to use our own private wallets directly or perhaps to use browser extensions such as MetaMask?


In other words, i’ll have to wait till after the 1st of Nov to check if all my earned BAT can be withdrawn into my uphold wallet. Am I right?

you should turn your uphold currency preferences to BAT. That allows you to withdraw to any bat wallet with no fees

Oh that’s great, had no idea this is possible. Thanks!

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yea that’s the sweet part about it… uphold fees are quite high so the fee-less BAT is nice of them to offer

Correct; we are working on paying all retroactive ads earnings and should be deposited automatically by Nov 1, 2019.

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I haven’t gotten mine yet. Still 256 BAT in the browser but not on uphold.

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It is Nov 5 and I didn’t get my ads rewards into uphold wallet. My brave wallet was verified over a month ago.

Guys - we just kicked in all payments! Stay tuned - these are retroactive ads earnings that had not been deposited to user wallets, and ads earnings for the month of October.

Hey guy’s I’m new here plz help me how this brave rewards bat tokens can withdraw to uphold wallet plz help me out

Still nothing. Have not gotten my BAT into uphold. Whats going on?