Why this? I have rewards but my wallet is empty

Did you just start using Brave and Brave Rewards? The BAT that are pending for your account won’t go into your BAT account until 6 April. You have to accumulate 25 BAT in order to link your Brave account to an Uphold wallet.

The Uphold account is already veryfied. But shouldn’t they go to both the rewards account and the window on the right and then they are paid to you and transferred to the Uphold wallet?

Look at this…if i have 0,040 Bat rewards why dont appear here?

That’s because you don’t have these BATs yet. When you watch a Brave Rewards ad, you don’t get the tokens immidiately. The 0,040 BAT is only an estimated reward. You’ll get your BATs on 6th of April.

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