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Brave announced the new 2-way brave rewards wallet has been implemented. I am a verified member of Uphold and my Brave reward wallet is verified. How can I take BAT tokens out of Brave Reward wallet?

Thank you

Release 0.69 brings 2-way user wallets to Brave Rewards in case that can help answer your question.

I have been using release 0.69 since it came out, how can I withdraw BAT tokens I earned from Brave Browser to Uphold, or do Brave browser and Uphold do that automatically?

Thank you

Hi @XRPBAT1027
Now your earned BAT from Brave Browser will be directly deposited to your uphold account on the 5th of every month. and the interesting thing is all of your future Ads rewards and other Rewards will be deposited directly too :grinning:

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So all the BAT tokens I earned in the past will be deposited into Uphold by the 5th of this month, and all future Ads rewards will be deposited into Uphold on the 5th of every month in the future?

Thank you

@XRPBAT1027 yeah exactly :slight_smile:

Have you received the BAT tokens you earned in the past in your Uphold account? it is Oct 6th and my BAT tokens I earned in the past are still in Brave Browser reward wallet

Thank you

Yeah i got paid at 5th October. Can you explain how did you earn your current BAT? through ads or tips?

I got my BAT tokens through ads, right now all BAT tokens I earned are still sitting in Brave rewards wallet

I checked my Uphold account there has been 1 transfer to my Brave Browser Card from a Uphold member on Oct 4th, so I don’t know if that is from my own Brave rewards wallet

Are the BAT tokens you earned in the past suppose to be deposited into your account all at once or does it take several different transfers?

Also I installed Brave on both my Desktop and Laptop I don’t know if that is a issue

Thank you for your help

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