October Publisher Payout Megathread

This thread is intended for feedback, questions, and issues regarding this month’s publisher payout.

If your payout is missing, late, or incomplete, please do not make a new thread! Instead, post in here and a Community member or moderator will get to you shortly. Any new threads related to payout problems will be closed and redirected here.

Dear Brave users and creators:

We sincerely apologize for the confusion regarding this month’s publisher/creator payouts, as well as this month’s Brave Ads earnings payout for users. The sheer volume of payments this month created a number of issues for us that we will be working hard to resolve.

There are a few major reasons you were not paid out (barring any undiscovered bugs on our end, of course):

  1. Your BAT balance was under the 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.
  2. Some or all of your BAT balance was credited during the freeze period (the 1st-8th of every month). Any BAT credited to your account between the 1st-8th of the month will instead be paid out to you in the following month’s payout.
  3. Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout.

Thank you for being patient. At this time, we believe we have made all of the needed payments. Therefore, if you are a creator and you did not get paid and none of the above issues apply to you, email support+publishers@basicattentiontoken.org with the subject title: “October Creator payment missing”.

In order to expedite your case, please include:

  1. Your creator email address
  2. Screenshots of your creator dashboard


The final batch of grant payouts just went out – check your Rewards panel to claim them!


Hey everyone, quick update here. There are a lot of moving parts on the table right now, but the team is hard at work getting stuff fixed up. We’re doing our very best to get to everyone right now. We appreciate your patience!

Payouts just started rolling in. It can take 1-2 days for the process to fully complete. Hang in there with us a little bit longer!

Let me try and address a few of the major questions here:

  1. Anyone whose BAT balance has suddenly dropped or zeroed out should fully exit and restart the Brave client. Make sure to completely exit out of the program and try again. This should fix most of the cases here – if not, please let us know and we’ll dig into your account!
  2. A chunk of the most recent Ads payout is still pending. This BAT will be on the way soon! Please hang tight.
  3. If you’re expecting an Ads payout you didn’t get, you may be in an unsupported region. Brave Ads payouts are only available to those residing in supported regions.

Please let me know if anyone has any other questions at this time; if none of the above applies to you and you’ve found yourself unable to get paid, please let us know. We’ll be watching this thread closely over the weekend.

Here are some useful links related to the monthly payouts:

For more general Creator questions:


there are some problems with new publishers dashboard. BAT for new rate since 1st OCT is counting great, I just saw yesterday I got 28 BAT for referral, but the dashboard for OCT shows only old confirmations with old rate 5 USD.

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I have 145 confirmed for October month but in my rewards, it only showing me 1153.51 BAT ~ $268. When I last checked I had around 36 confirmed and $244 in balance. I don’t know what went wrong in counting after that I have received 109 more confirmed but only $25 increase in balance. Can you help me?

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Could be there are some days in OCT which were not counted properly. If I am right, they will resolve this bug hopefully. The numbers in dashboard from 2nd OCT (Confirmation on 1st NOV are counted with old rate 5 USD in BAT in the dashboard.) They should show new tiered rate.

these 145 confirmations are for 2nd and 3rd October.

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same here more confirmation s and bats are arriving slowly but they are its a lil erratic to check check so leave it to em as confirmations for this month are scheduled for November’s payout as usual
So it is more like a inconvenience but not an actual problem
rest brave team has repeatedly confirmed bat counter is not affected but dashboard metrics are which they are working on .
any new developments or improvements ?

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@akshayjanu, @decades85 is correct. It sounds like this BAT was credited to your account during the 7 day freeze period (from the 1st to the 8th of every month). Any BAT credited during this period skips the closest payout and is delayed to the following month – this is just how the payment system works, I know it can be confusing though! Any October BAT you didn’t get this past payout will certainly arrive in your Uphold account next month. Apologies for the confusion.


what rate would be applied for October 2nd and 3rd confirmation. that’s what i want to know? I have 232 confirmations now for that period of time?

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Here are the screenshots for better understanding.

12%20AM 20%20AM

more details here

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My account is locked, I have requested support, and no one has resolved it

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Ugh. Brave BAT balance STILL not showing up at uphold. uphold support said it would be resolved November 1st, and lo-and-behold still 0.00 BAT as of today. I’ve never gotten BAT @ uphold over the three+ months using brave.

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The rate should be new. Last day for 5 USD confirmations was 30th SEPT(confirmed on 30th OCT), so after that from 1st OCT it should be tiered 1 USD to 7,5 USD. I also have this bug, but it seems BAT is adding correctly :slight_smile:

Good I do not understand very well the group picture tells me 0 confirmed.
It will be that this month I paid all the back bats for example they did not pay me the month September for not being verified in uphold and the month of October when I was already verified in uphold they did not pay me for the new release. And how much would that be in dollars?


i don’t know current conversion but definite wait for the nov 8th payout


I have received 60+ BAT in tips and 1 confirmed but there is only this showing, why ?

FYI, the ads payouts went out just now – expect a small delay in getting them :slight_smile: If there are any problems please let us know here!