Brave v1.42.97 update removed saved passwords

I just updated to Brave v1.42.97 and lost all of my saved passwords. They were not backed up into a CSV file. Is it possible to I retrieve them? Are there any Brave program files I can recover which will restore them? This happened on two machines.

Umm, update shouldn’t remove anything. What did you do, uninstall old and then install update?

Only way overall is if you have a Sync chain with a device that has it, where you can just add it to the sync chain. Otherwise to do something like a System Restore to a point prior, perhaps.

At least that’s basic answers/thoughts taking what’s said at face value. Not sure if @Mattches might have more insight I’m not thinking about.

Tech support for my work added my windows login to new company server or something, some migration, but everything stayed the same. Bookmarks stayed, programs, etc, wasnt a windows install or anything. In the process Brave updated.

Was your login/password information for the machine itself changed in any way?

Yes, it went from a local login to a microsoft account login


I see. This is why the passwords didn’t transfer. Put simply, passwords are encrypted based on the login data of the system — when that login data is changed, the password data can no longer be decrypted which is why they’re no longer present on the browser.

Was your device part of a Sync chain by chance?

That is what I was suspecting. My device is not part of a Sync chain. In any, I will let IT know during for this migration. Thanks for the prompt reply.

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You’re very welcome. As stated above, for future migration/device changes/account changes, it may be useful to export your passwords periodically (as CSV) so that you have a backup ready the next time this happens.

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