Recover saved passwords

Description of the issue:

Good morning.

I was perfectly using Brave in my company’s laptop, till one day a software named Carbon Cloud Secure blocked it due to company policies. I cannot open Brave, it has been restristed and I cannot disable Carbon Cloud, I do not have permissions.

I would like to restore all my saved passwords in my personal laptop, but as I cannot open Brave, I am not able to export them.
I’ve been reading in this Community, and I found that passwords are stored in a Login Data file; I’ve tried to copy this file from my company’s laptop to my personal one, but passwords do not appear.

How can I obtain all my saved passwords?

Thank you in advance. Best regards.

Hello @ertrufeh

the file that you try to copy is encrypeted so copy it would not help

you need to open brave then go to brave://settings/passwords
then click on the 3 vertical dot on front of saved password then export then got to your other device then use the import option instead

i know brave it currently blocked on your device

so is it possible to call your company admin to enable brave for you just till you export the password file

as i do not know if there any other way for that

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, that’s what I did! :grin:

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you very welcome and well done :slight_smile: