Reinstalled Brave due to crashes, manually copied old Brave-Browser folder back in, not worked?

I encountered an issue where the desktop Brave browser would close anywhere from 3-20 seconds after starting up, so I reinstalled it to see if it fixed the issue. Before doing so, I coped the Brave-Browser folder from the BraveSoftware folder, thinking that would contain everything I’d need to restore my old bookmarks/settings/passwords etc. I uninstalled, reinstalled, copied the old folder back in, deleted the new folder, renamed the old one, restarted both the browser and PC, but it’s made no difference and the browser still looks like a completely fresh install. I can’t import data from the settings page either, because the only options are the other browsers on my system.

Are those bookmarks and passwords now lost? What steps should I take to recover the old data? I have the password and passphrase to my old Brave wallet too, but as far as I’ve read, the phrase is useless in this situation now.

Brave Version V1.23.75 (desktop)

Running Windows 10 64-bit if that helps

I’m having the same issue - I can see where the old bookmarks are stored on the PC, and there is an option to import a bookmarks HTML file on Brave (so this will help you out maybe if you exported your bookmarks as an HTML before you reinstalled the browser?) but because I didn’t export my bookmarks as HTML before doing a factory reset of my PC, I now can’t find any obvious way to import the old bookmarks. What’s infuriating is that when I open windows file explorer I can see the old bookmarks data files there but have absolutely no idea how to import them into Brave. Your method above sounded like a possibility but failing that I’m not sure what else to try!

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