I messed up, I need help

I had to reinstall windows after changing my ssd to a new one. What I failed to do was export all my bookmarks from brave. I still got my old ssd connected, its not formated or anything so all my installs are still on that ssd. Is there a chance to recover the bookmarks from that ssd or am I screwd lol
Thanx for the help guys

Yeah, just grab the \brave-browser folder and move it over. Actually, they say it’s just the User Data folder within it, but it’s whatever. That will have everything saved, only thing missing might be your passwords. This is because passwords are encrypted using your OS keyring, so if that changed it won’t be able to see decrypt and see your passwords.

Hmm ok. Im somewhat of and idiot when it comes to things like this… but Ive located a folder in my old Program(x86) folder thats named BraveSoftware, is it that folder? And the problem is that I dont have that folder in my new install of Program(x86) folder =/

@Hellsingland native profile path on Windows is:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default

obviously the USERNAME part will change based on yours. Like mine was Saoiray there.

If you have Brave installed on your current desktop, you can just visit brave://version and look at the Profile Path to see where yours is at, at least on the one installed. That’s where you’ll be pasting your User Data or Brave-Browser folder to replace.

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My friend U just saved my day!! Thanx alot for the help. I got all my bookmarks back, thanx!!

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