Brave bookmark export fail

Lets say your windows install is having problems ,and you need to reinstall. You know brave doesn’t store browser data on their end so you install chrome so you can export html file so that when you reinstall brave you can then import from chrome. Here is the problem. The html file isn’t current. Its an old file. So every time you have to reinstall windows there is a massive amount of work setting bookmarks. Here is my question. What do i need to do to get my current bookmarks and passwords exported to an html file?

I may be misunderstanding the problem, but you can export bookmarks. The export file is an html file. In Bookmarks (brave://bookmarks) in the far upper right corner is the Organize menu (right under Search in the header). Click the Organize menu and you have the option to export. Pics follow.

Organize Menu


@MarcusAgrippa bookmarks and passwords are saved on Sync chain (as long as you select them as things to sync). So if using a new device or even reinstalling like you’re saying, you’d just need to save the sync code and put it in in the new or reinstalled browser. So there’s absolutely no need to export to Chrome and all as you mentioned.

That aside, the answer to your question is that it should be available with in your web browser. Chocoholic essentially gave the answer but I can give you a walk-through as well. With your browser open click on the three lines on the top right, then put your mouse over a Bookmarks and it will open a little slide thing, then click on import bookmarks in settings. It should pop up where you can select browsing history, favorites, and all that stuff and above that is a little drop-down box. The drop-down box has bookmarks HTML file. You should then be able to select choose file, select where you have the file, and then continue and it should load. If you are saying that you already went that far and it is telling you that the HTML thing as invalid, I don’t know what to tell you. At that point we would have to tag in one of the moderators to be able to see if they’d help.

Please do respond to let us know if this solves your problem, if you try to stop and it doesn’t help, or what?

Oh yeah, one little bit of extra information that I want to share with you that’s related. If you did not save your back up code for your wallet and then choose the restore option when you get brave again, you’ll essentially be starting over from scratch with the browser that you just freshly installed. It will see you as a new device and a new account. So you’ll have to set up your Wallet with Uphold and all of that stuff again. There are help topics available on this if you need to look it up later or ask for help. I just wanted to make sure that I’m saying it so that it’s in your head if you look and start wondering why your BAT is different or whatever.

Also to say your wallet code and sync code are different. Only mentioning this part as I know is caused issues for people before due to their confusion and misunderstanding

@Saoiray Hi :slightly_smiling_face: These are probably silly questions but… can you use Sync even if you don’t have any devices to sync? Is a sync chain/code still created and saved?

I am hesitant to test it myself at least until I get more experience! Right now, it seems like every time I “test” something, I end up messing something else up. Been there, done that, and don’t want to try again right now. :laughing:


Well, you’d have the device you’re using that would sync, like your Windows. Then it serves as a backup for when you have issues AND would let you see all your bookmarks, passwords, etc from from other devices if you use it. Many of us use Brave on our phones, computers, etc. It’s definitely worth it. But using multiple devices is not a requirement. The only requirement would be for you to save the code that it gives you that way if you ever do end up losing the device or have to reinstall the operating system you won’t lose all of your saved passwords and bookmarks.

Thank-you! Every time I hear “Sync” and “Devices” I think of other devices than the one I am using. Probably need to change that… Thanks again! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments. I use AME scripts (windows ameliorated) so I cant say for sure that this is related. Like I was saying the brave export html file that I saved was an old snapshot or save even though it was created yesterday. Here is the interesting part though. When I reinstalled windows and loaded the file it was my current browser except that my passwords were not updated. Hopefully Brave can replicate how google saves user data. Its just seamless. It just works. You don’t need to sync or download a file. You know that’s it. You have no account to log into to sync to. If brave could set that up it would go a long way.

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