Getting Old Browser Data from folder

Hello! I Recently Reset my pc and I saw that I still have my app data, I forgot to backup somethings from brave and I lost all my data that is important to me. Is there anyway to get it back?

Folder: C:\Windows.old\Users\Logan\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser

In the Brave-Browser folder there should be another folder called Default. (The default folder contains your profile info. - e.g. bookmarks/extensions/other data)

If the folder is there, copy that folder to your desktop (or put it somewhere save).

Reinstall Brave (if you haven’t already) and replace the new Default folder with the Old Default folder.

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When I do that it says some settings are corrupt. image Also sorry for late reply

As long as you have a back up of your original default folder, you can go ahead a try to reset all settings.
Does it eventually work and do you have all your bookmarks/extensions/etc…?

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I do have my extensions, but Im trying to get my old passwords that I forgot. Was it because I reset my PC, surely not because I still have the Folder.

When you reset all settings, do you still have your passwords?

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Nope, I do not want to reset my settings, it resets for me.

To confirm - do you have a back up of the default folder?

When you say

Are you saying that Brave (the new installation of Brave that you copied the old default folder into) reset everything when you clicked on OK, and not reset all settings

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Yes, yet again sorry for late response.

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