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Help. A few days ago, I uninstalled Brave browser with the intent of re-installing it. Why? Because I had a Facebook problem that I mistakenly attributed to the browser. That is fixed now. However, when I re-installed Brave browser, I somehow mistakenly imported my bookmarks from Chrome. This has seemingly deleted all my original Brave browser bookmarks painstakingly garnered over the last three years. These bookmarks are completely different from Chrome. Question: Does anyone know how I can possibly retrieve these original bookmarks? It has valuable links I cannot possibly relocate right now. Thank you.

When you uninstalled the browser initially, did you also elect to clear/delete all browsing data?

Thanks for the reply. I honestly cannot recall since I did it late at night when I was dead tired. Which means I just might have without realizing it. Big mistake.

Unfortunately if that is the case then there isn’t any way to recover your bookmarks. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

I am not actually sure if I did though. But, just in case I didn’t, and hoping that is the case, how would I proceed then? I’ve got to try one last time at least. Thank you again.

In windows, go to

~/Users/[Your user name]/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/User Data/Default

and see if there is a Bookmarks file here. If so, open it with Notepad (or whatever editor you’d like) and check and see if these are in fact your bookmarks

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OK, I got to my bookmarks, and all that was there were the few new ones I had started. In short, the old ones are definitely gone. Thanks anyway for your reply. I’ll have to take my medicine on this.

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