Uphold verified account cannot be verified by Brave rewards

I have an uphold account which Brave browser also recognized. they seem to be disassociated sometime in July. Your list of eligible countries for Uphold does not include Turkey. However, I have KYC verification and a verified account at Uphold, which I double-checked with their help-desk. I am confused. If rewards are handled through Uphold, and I have a verified account, why can’t I transfer bat from Brave rewards to my wallet??

The fact that you have an account with Uphold and KYC is up to date does not mean you are able to get rewards. Your country is currently not supported for rewards.

There are many reasons behind this decision, as you can see in the following post.
There is also a difference between being allowed to trade crypto via Uphold/Gemini and being allowed to receive rewards. These two distinct activities have completely different regulations in most of the countries.

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