Region currently not supported error

Briefly describe your issue:
I am getting this error when trying to link with my upload wallet to earn the rewards.
I am using windows 11 OS,
Brave browser version is: Version 1.60.125 Chromium: 119.0.6045.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Currently living in Australia and also registered with australian documents.

Just to clarify

  • When you created the Uphold account, did you submit an Australian passport?

  • When you chose your Rewards country in Brave, did you choose Australia? (you can confirm this by going to brave://rewards-internals and looking to see what it says for your Rewards Country).

  • At what point do you see it mention that your region is not supported?

To create the uphold account, i am not sure which documents i used as i have australian documents like license,adult card etc but my passport is from nepal.
2: my reward country is australia (confirmed from internals section)

3:when i am trying to link my account by clicking in the traingular reward section in brave browser…i click authorize and uphold username and password…on first instance it opens my uphold account successfully but when I check in the triangular reward section(which shows my BAT balance) says to link my account to which i put my uphold username and password but this time it does some procesing thing and shows that error mentioned earlier.

If its due to the presence of different documents provided in uphold then i will try to open a new account with Australian documents and will try to reconnect but don’t know for sure thats the cause…as it was working fine till last month …i was getting rewards and it was properly linking to my uphold account.

This would be an issue. The API that Uphold has developed and connects to Brave uses your passport to determine your country. So if you used a Nepal passport, then they are telling Brave you’re from Nepal despite the idea you might have shown proof of residence in Australia.

You’ll likely need to contact Uphold support and see if you can submit different documents. I’m not sure if you have a passport from Australia?

To clarify, Uphold would be content with your proof of residence and all. Your KYC/AML would be good and your Uphold account clear.

The issue is they designed the API to look at the passport in determining your country for Rewards. So passport has to be from a supported country and match whichever country you have for Rewards. If not, then you’ll experience issues.

Thanks for the information. I will contact uphold regarding the issue and will try to fix it from their end.

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