Cannot link mobile rewards wallet to Uphold after changing region

Hey all,

I recently updated my Uphold account from an unsupported region to a supported one. When trying to link my mobile Brave wallet to it, Uphold tells that Brave Rewards is not available in my region. I had reset my Brave Rewards wallet in this mobile Brave, but even so the error persists. I contacted Uphold about the matter and their answer is that my profile is indeed set to a supported region according to here:

Their suggestion was to reach out to the Brave community forum for support, so here I am. Any suggestions of what might be happening and how to troubleshoot this?


The browser must be set with the country that issued your ID document or passport.

Changing your address in Uphold does not solve the unsupported region, because it’s your ID document that matters.

Anyway, if you are looking for Brave support, you need to submit a support ticket using the link below

Hey rodrige, thanks for the quick reply here. Uphold indeed required my local ID document to validate my location, which I provided to them. I also changed the country of residence in my Rewards area when I reset it, as I was aware that one needed to do so.

Thanks for the link, I also raised a ticket to Brave about it. Hopefully they can give me some guidance. If you think about anything else I could check, please let me know!

Do me a favor, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I want to know specifically which message you’re getting and where, because the way you’re phrasing it suggests it might be an issue as I discussed at PSA: Current FAQ - #16 by Saoiray but I want to make sure.

Sure, just attached screenshots of the error I am seeing and also another one that shows me that rewards are initialized into a supported region.

@jeduardo Okay, so let me just go through everything and make sure of where you stand.

How did you do this? If you only changed your address and provided proof of residence, that’s not enough. The API goes by your passport. So if you used a passport for a country that’s not supported, you’ll need to submit a new passport or other accepted photo ID to Uphold and request they change that on the API.

I’m seeing you mention that they told you that your profile is set to a supported region, but I just want to make sure of this one little difference which makes a big impact. Just so you know, Uphold’s customer service is primarily a 3rd party company. This often means that they don’t always know what they are doing and can only answer for what exists with Uphold. So if you updated your address but not your passport, they’d think you’re fine because they see your address updated. They just don’t necessarily understand about the API.

Side Note

Yes, you heard that right. Uphold’s support often is not actually someone from Uphold. As many companies do, Uphold uses other companies to manage their basic customer support.

I found that out when I went through to find out who Uphold shares all of our info with. As I was investigating each one, I learned about TTEC, which you can see at

Government photo ID like a passport? Again, having to ask because people have sometimes responded that they provided ID document or something, but it was usually just verification for their address. So I’m just trying to focus and get you to answer a bit more on which “document” you provided them.

What’s your ticket number?

Hey, thanks for the follow up here. Let me get to your questions one by one:

  1. How did I update my info with Uphold: I have initially tried to change my address on Uphold, but they allowed changing only street, name but not state and country. I raised a ticket with their support and I asked them for some help to update my country. They verified me using my passport and a proof of home address, and how when I open my profile I see Brazil as my country of residence and I cannot change this info by myself.

  2. Which documents were asked/verified by Uphold? So, I had to provide them with both my passport and a proof of address for them to change my information.

  3. Brave ticket number: 187219

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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@jeduardo think that’s kind of it. I know Support will look over your ticket when they get back. Just keep in mind it’s the weekend now. I’d keep checking your email, including Junk/Spam in case their reply ends up there. Time it takes to respond to tickets vary, but average 3-5 business days. So if you haven’t heard anything by Thursday, try to tag here again and we’ll get some attention on it.

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