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Briefly describe your issue: I am in Sweden and have been using Brave Rewards for a long time. My rewards were linked to Uphold and was using it without a problem and receiving rewards. But starting from this summer when I click on the unverified section it takes me to the login page and then shows an error from Brave that my region is not supported. BUT I can log in to uphold separately and see my balance but when I click on the link from the rewards section it takes me to the login page and directly shows region error. As I said I have not any problem while in a new tab logging in to Uphold

**What Operating System and Brave version are you using?: [
Windows 10 - Version 1.45.131 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) **

Is your Brave Rewards Profile currently verified? No

What date did you connect your Brave Rewards Profile? I don’t remember but was some time ago. Probably around 2019-2020

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? Yes so far

Are you using a VPN? No

Are you in a supported region ? Yes

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

**Have you fully completed Uphold’s CDD requirements? YES **

Just want to ask, did you ever use a passport or other ID for a country other than Sweden?

Yeah, because it’s not about Uphold. The error you’re getting is saying Brave isn’t supporting. So there’s something in your account that’s showing as if you’re in one of the countries that are not supported at this time. This means you wouldn’t be able to withdraw your BAT to Uphold until Brave supports it.

That said, Brave does support Sweden. This is why I’m asking if you’ve ever submitted a passport or other documentation for another country. If you have, that’s likely the cause because the system would be reporting your location based on that documentation. So even if you live in Sweden, if you submitted something like a passport from India, then it declares you’re in India. It doesn’t matter if you submitted proof of residence to Sweden, it matters about passport and all that Uphold has, as that’s what the API communicates with Brave.

So yeah, might help if you can clarify if you’ve ever submitted any documentation/ID to Uphold from any country other than Sweden.

Hi Saoiray!
Thanks for your reply.
I think I used my Swedish ID.
But as much as I remember while the deadline reached from Uphold for closing unsupported countries I was in Azerbaijan and it started giving error since then. Now I’m back to Sweden and as much as I remember haven’t used my passport from Azerbaijan for KYC, but used Swedish ID because it’s supported.
And I think if I used unsupported country’s document I shouldn’t be able to login to Uphold am I wrong?
Somehow I kept receiving bats even if it showed error but now it started showing unverified that’s why I’m skeptical that I will not receive Bats.

Can send screenshots if necessary

No, that’s not correct. You are indeed listed under non-supported jurisdictions for Uphold, but only as one of the many countries that can’t create new accounts. So if you were an existing User, you’d still have access to Uphold and be able to use it.

As to Brave, I know the list of supported countries does not show Azerbaijan. So what this means is your Uphold could be open and active, but Brave won’t allow you to link Rewards to Uphold at this time.

My ride just got here, so I won’t be able to respond more for a bit. Please try to contact Uphold to make sure what passport/ID you have on file and see if it can be updated if need be, to show Sweden.

Thank you for assisting. I was a bit confused because was thinking I shouldn’t be able to use Uphold at all in unsupported countries.
Now I checked my Uphold account and I think I verified it long ago in Azerbaijan. Now I sent them e-mail and waiting for reply to update my region. Will I be able to make it work as soon as I update my region in Uphold?

Yeah, maybe not immediately but as soon as it reflects and reports to Brave that it’s with your current Sweden, it will allow you to connect.

Thanks for your help. Successfully changed my address to the new one. Now waiting for the Brave to see changes so I can link my wallet again

Hi Saoiray! any idea how long I should wait for Brave to reflect my region change? it has been few days, but want to have an estimate for how long I will wait

@Nijat Did Uphold adjust it? That’s what we were waiting on, assuming that you had to send them new passport or whatever.

If they did, then I’d recommend to try to connect again. If you’re saying it’s still not doing it and Uphold is saying they handled it all on their end and EVERYTHING (including picture ID) in Uphold is from Sweden, then next step would be to do Rewards Support Ticket. I mean, I always say give up to 3-5 business days, but wouldn’t hurt to submit now. Just make sure you’re trying to make sure everything is done through Uphold because otherwise Brave won’t be able to help with anything.

Yes, Uphold acted really fast, in 1 day they changed it to Sweden. Thank you I will submit a ticket now. Appreciate your assist

Apparently Brave is unable to provide a solution for the current problem.

"This setting cannot be changed once selected.

Please resolve this issue in full by starting a new Rewards profile. It can be reset in brave://rewards > Manage Brave Rewards > Reset.

Please note any funds prior to December’s payout may be lost. It is advised to wait for all payouts before resetting Rewards.

Thank you for your understanding.

Brave Support"

Wait, that’s referencing if you chose different country in Brave. You said you chose Sweden for your country within Rewards, right? I’m talking about what you see below:

If you chose Sweden there and have your Uphold updated with Sweden documents AND your profile is completed to show your Sweden address, then it should match and link.

What they are explaining is let’s say you’re in Sweden and you chose that you live in United States. In that case, they are making you reset your Rewards so it goes back to default and you choose a country again. Of course, as they mentioned, all Rewards in your browser may be lost as a result.

But I don’t think this is your issue, is it?

In particular, can you show a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?

Yes, I picked Sweden there.
I just told them I updated my region in Uphold but verification says region not supported and asked them to fix it and that’s what they said.
They didn’t ask if I saw that country selection message.
My error message is below:

@Nijat Yeah, so the response you got seems to have been incorrect. They responded as if you chose wrong country within Rewards.

Do me a favor, respond here with your ticket number. Hopefully you can be quick with it so it’s here before the three I’m tagging below see this topic. If you have ticket number, they can try to follow-up. (and hopefully they can see it in good timing)

@steeven @SaltyBanana @Evan123 can you guys check in on this?

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168768 is my ticket number
sorry for late reply. didn’t get email notification for this

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Hello - Someone will respond shortly.

Thanks again for your patience on this matter.

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The problem was not solved, since the team said it is not possible to change it; only the first country counts when configuring brave rewards counts.
P.S. But I still receive the reward to my Uphold even if it shows Unverified, but around 35-40% less than Estimated earnings shows

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