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Hi, I am running a display ads campaign on Adwords to promote Brave. Is conversion tracking offered by Brave? I would like to get the tracking code injected to get more data and scale up my advertising campaign.

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On the publishers dashboard you can see a number of graphs and charts regarding your referral numbers. You can see the download, install, and confirmation rates by date. :slight_smile: Just login at

Hi Asad, I appreciate the response! I use the publishers dashboard analytics already, but I am looking for specific conversion tracking. I would like to gather data from my ads - for example, how many downloads each different ad variant led to. Do you understand what I mean by that? It would really help maximize my advertising campaign to get more users to Brave.

Hi @Asad
i have question : if i got 2 confirmed at 2nd of this month can i get payout in 8th this month ? thanks

No @bacdat09. Every BAT you earned this month (contribution, tip, or referral) will be paid in the next payout.

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thank you . im understand now

you probably need to have / own your own website with content and clickout buttons to the website so you can track the clickouts. Anything else won’t work as you need to add code to which ofcourse is not an option

Doesn’t the code need to be added just for my custom referral link?

You always need to use your referral link / code to get your rewards. But just by adding your referral link to your ads will not get you the insights you want imo

Yeah I agree and I thought they were able to do referral tracking. I guess I’ll have to do my own website somehow if I want more analytics.


No, those will carry over to next month’s payout

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