Beta referrals link

hi i make my own referral link for beta and dev version,i just try and it work,install number on dashboard is one this against developer rules?

Can we get referral link with the Dev and Beta?

You cant get from Dashboard but you can make own link

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cc @asad @chriscat on this

The referral link is only for the release version of the browser, not BETA or DEV. Thanks.

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@chriscat cat Bro and Android Version Counts for Referral promo? I think that a number of persons are downloading the Android version from my link but that is only reflected in “Download” but not in “Installed” where I have to consult that? what category in Brave Community?

Yes, Android referrals count as well.

Referral Metrics

After you verify your channel and opt-in to the referral promotion, you will see three metrics being tracked on the dashboard.


Increments if a user you referred downloads the Brave Browser using your referral code.

2. Installs

Increments when a user opens the Brave Browser for the first time.

3. Confirmations

Increments after minimal usage of the Brave Browser over a 30 day period. Please note that the $5 BAT rewards are only given out for confirmations.


Thanks Man, I have other Question, how can I chenge the name that my referrals see in the Brave´s Download Page, at today they see “Erickson Ascanio” But my channel have the name “Cartera Digital” I need that when my referrals clicks on my link of Brave Rewards the will see “Cartera Digital” How can I do to change that, Can you Help me? @Asad can you help me too?

AFAIK, there’s no way to change your display name at this point. If you PM me your email address, along with the desired display name, I might be able to ask the team to change it over for you–no promises, though, this isn’t something we usually do, but I’ll try!

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