Where is my Brave Referral Code? I can't find it - don't see it. Sorry I have bad vision

Could you please tell me where the referral code is for referring Brave Browser? I can’t find it. I have terrible vision lately. Thank you so much!

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Hey, welcome back to the community.

If you didn’t register for publishers account yet, please do register your self Create your publishers account.

After the registration, please login into the site and add any of your interested content creator profile link.

Once it gets verified, You can see your referral link that can be used. To reffer where ever you want.

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Thank you so much! I have been registered and looking at ads, but I forgot to log into my creator account! So I probably did not get paid for anything. Do we need to log into our creator account everytime we look at ads for it to count?
Thank you so much Rohit!

Looking into ads is not related to publishers account.

For that check brave://rewards and have set all the required toggles on and toggled off the not required options.

Estimated pending rewards section in the below image are the BAT you got for watching Ads.

Publishers account is like a dashboard for your referral links.

Yes, you need to login to check the status like:

  • How many downloaded browser using your referral links.
  • How many installed with it.

Brave have a constraint to get rewards with the referral bonus.
i.e, the use who installed using your referral link, should use at least one month. Then only you’ll be rewarded.

Hope this information helps you.

If you still face any issues, feel free to post here :smiley:

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Thank you so much Rhoith!

Ooops, you spelt my name wrong in this happy moment :relieved::sweat_smile:

2 caveats:

it’s simply not working on mobile. the “referral link” is there, but the button is broken. just use “desktop site” setting on most mobile browsers.

it must work differently for websites, as there’s no referral there even on desktop, as seen on the screenshot in the link below. the solution here is adding any other channel. not sure why there are different referrals for each channel and none for websites, but it’s probably just for reference and fine to use the referrals anywhere (see?).

can you help me for ref


I didn’t get exactly what you want. Can you please send elaborate a bit more?

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