How do the Referral Program Tracks Referred Users?

I was wondering if cookies are being used? The reason I’m asking is to clarify this scenario: A visitor on my blog clicked the banner I placed on the sidebar (for example) where he was redirected to the download page with my referral link, however at that moment he did not download, but a few minutes or a day later he decided to download the browser. Instead of going back to my website and click the banner I placed there, he access directly on the Brave website for download. Will I be credited on that?

I’m asking this to see the feasibility of making ROI, if it’s worth it to do paid/sponsored promotions which I’m planning.

One reason why I was prompted to ask this is because the download number on my publisher dashboard is rising yet the number of install is not. Well, logically speaking, why would he even waste his data to download but didn’t install it?

No. Referral counted as “Downloaded” when new user download Brave via your referral link/page. In this case, that user will download “special installer” of Brave that have your referral code.

If they download directly from, then they downloading the “normal installer”.

Brave will check it when user install and open it for the first time. Then this user will be counted as “Installed” referral. And after ~30 days of use, it’ll become “Confirmed” referral.


I hope that make it clear for you.

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