Publisher Referral Link - Landing Page vs Direct Download

I’m promoting Brave to customers of my ecommerce store. I’m not a “publisher” or “creator”, so the content of the referral landing page does not translate well for my customers. I’m not trying to ask them to “support” me, I’m recommending they use Brave for privacy reasons.

Because of this, I’m linking directly to the download like this:
instead of:

However our internal analytics are showing 17 downloads while the publisher dashboard is showing 1. So two things:

  1. I’d love to see a redesigned landing page. Something that’s less about supporting creators and more about the privacy benefits.
  2. Will my strategy for linking directly to the download track properly? Does the tracking happen upon download or upon the first time the browser launches?



Thanks for the feedback @corey!

Let me cc @alex for this (re:#1). :slight_smile:

And for #2, AFAIK it’s upon first time launch. If only downloaded and not installed, it’ll not be counted as Downloaded.

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Also want to loop in @Asad on this one - I’m not sure of the ramifications of using a different URL. Could be fine, but maybe he can confirm.



Thanks for your feedback about the landing page. I will pass that along.

The referral tracking begins when the browser is opened, not when it is downloaded.


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