Why cant I see referral from my referral link

HI everyone, I recently started promoting brave but it doesn’t show my referrals fully, for the first day it showed my the referral fully only 2 days later but I know from me tracking I have had around 500 to 600 downloads but it not showing, if anyone can give me some advice it will mean the world to me :grinning: Thank you very much everyone :pray:

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When was the 500-600 downloaded?

It seems that your referral stats has an update time of up to 48-hours, is the 500-600 that you are saying has been downloaded more than 48 hours ago?

it was on the 17nth to 18nth july on eastern standard time zone

Thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: I appreciate it

So, it is more than 48 hours, it should be there now.

500-600 downloads is huge, are you sure that all of those downloads used your referral? And you are saying that 500-600 was download between 17th and 18th of June?

I just wondering. How do you know there’s people downloading Brave using your referral link?

thank you very much :slight_smile: again for your reply, yes bro it was on the 17nth and 18nth sadly , I hope I can see them :cry:

I was running ads

@cathunter isn’t it only show the number of your link clicked – to visit brave.com? It’s not guaranteed that user will download Brave. You don’t know how many users actually click the download button.

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Sorry bro, but can you help me understand how you are able to know or confirm that those 500-600 downloads were actually downloaded using your referral link. I can’t specifically comprehend how you can confirm them by way of your ads.

thank you for your reply here is the statistics that will give you a approximate Idea

Are you using click counters?

sweet, I can see the stats from my the daily first day of running the campaigns to getting downloads and install and comparing it approximately on the days that followed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is this infolinks?

I think @eljuno is correct, those are clicks on your ads, not on the download button on brave download page.

true, your right , and on the first day I spent only 10 percent of the uploaded picture and was able to get 15 download and 6 installs

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