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Hi all

So I’ve been looking into Google Ads (formerly Adwords) promotion for my own website and I noticed that there are quite a few advertisers with different referral codes using Google Ads to promote and then probably getting the referral rewards using a non-owned website?

Is this possible? And if so, is this the way it should be? Surely it’s not adding any value in terms of being a “creator”. Plus they tend to get the best results in Google as the domain is a highly ranked domain pushing all other content creator domains downwards or increasing their costs.

Any input here please? @steeven @chriscat and whoever else has a view on this?


I dont see any problem if creators pay for the ads showing. Its totally legal and legitemate. How can you know that TOP websites without Google ads showing in search results are not paying for SEO? Following your logic, they should be exluded from program too imo.

i think you’re missing my point.

I’m not against people using Google Ads or any other form of promotion. I’m questioning their ads leading to and using the domain directly. Is that really what the referral programm is all about? They just create Google Ads and if somesome searches for “brave browser” > click their ad en then get a referral without actually create content.

Hope it makes sense what I mean

I could be wrong, but I believe they have to have content to get the referral links. And anyway, just look at the so called websites advertising on Google, no content just big download button all over the place.

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This is a great question. As of this time, we allow marketers to use their referral links with ad campaigns (such as Google AdWords). Often, if these marketers are large scale, we usually reach out to them and place them into our partner program.

However, we do have some restrictions and we enforce them against such marketers. Apart from obvious rules re. malicious advertising, marketers are not allowed to use certain keywords (such as Brave-branded terms).

If you spot an ad that you think might be misleading or is treading on Brave’s brand or primary keywords, please feel free to take a screenshot or report it to us and we’ll take a look. Thanks!


thanks Chris for your response.

So there is no such rule that advertising should first lead to their own website/platform first instead of directly leading traffic to Within Google Ads that is.

Theyve answered already, if you use the direct link, you are not allowed to advertise with brave TM keywords.

Hello @chriscat, could you explain me - can I advertise my private blog with polish content about Brave? Or is it forbidden now? I don’t advertise referral links directly, but I don’t know if I can advertise my private blog about Brave. It would be nice get the clear answer :slight_smile: I don’t wan’t to brake the rules. I use Google Ads and Facebook Ads for promoting my blog, not referral links. Best Regards.

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