Redirects google searches to Yahoo

Apologies for all the noob here. If there is a community forum search I can’t find it and the problem with search engines like google and duckduckgo is you get back results for anything other than what you’re looking for.

I type in a search expression to and it redirects me to yahoo. Latest Brave, MacOs. Malware Bytes (free version) finds nothing. I never had this problem on Chrome. Should I go back? I had been pleased with Brave but this is a showstopper. How to fix? Thank you.

Can you make sure you set the default search engine correctly?

Also can you provide more information about your question/issue?

Screen recording of the issue will be helpful too.

I’ve removed Brave from my computer. I’d like to go back to it at some point. The default search engine was and that was correct. I can tell you that there were a couple of search engines that pointed to entries that I removed but the behavior was the same.

What happened was I went to by typing that in the address bar. The google images search page appears, all looks normal. I typed a search term and pressed enter. A different URL string appeared briefly in the address bar, not long enough for me to see what it was. Then it redirected to Yahoo and I got a Yahoo results list instead of the familiar google images results. This behavior does not occur with Chrome, so I elected to remove Brave. The brief appearance of a different URL in the address bar just before the redirect tells me malware, but malwarebytes didn’t find anything.

Hope this helps.