Red Default Icon

Can we get an option to change the overly noticeable default red icon to a darker one, such as a blue, gray, or similar? With multiple internet shortcuts on my desktop, the red icon that is associated by default is bright and distracting.

If you’re talking about Brave’s default shortcut icon, you can easily change it with another one of your choice.

It looks like Brave comes with the icons of Brave Nightly (purple) and Brave Dev (blue), in case these colors work better for you.

Thank you and yes I’m aware of that ability. But I was looking for for it to be an “all the time” feature, so each time I create a new internet shortcut (which I do frequently) the icon is not the big bright red one. It’s not uncommon for me to create 25-100 internet shortcuts a week, and changing them all would be tedious.