Brave Blue Icon

Hello Team,

Did the Brave icon changed color to blue? That happened when my laptop suddenly restarted. Then afterwards, asked my permission for the brave update. Only the the icon pinned on taskbar is colored blue. Using beta fyr.

Hope someone can clear out. Thank you.

That is the icon of Brave Beta

Launch Brave via the icon → type brave://version/ in the address bar and share the first line with us.

Thanks Rethanis,

I see. Did it change just recently? 'Coz it used to be red (since I installed and based on the website).

This is the first line:

Brave 1.29.51 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Looks like Brave Beta has been installed on your PC somehow.

On the bright side of things, installing Brave Beta doesn’t affect the installation of Brave stable in any way.

Open installed programs and features, and check whether you have 2 instances of Brave. You can freely uninstall Brave Beta if you’re not planning on using it.

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I can only see Brave Betta on my programs and features. If this does not in any way, affect my computer and use of Brave, then this should be marked as resolved.

Thanks for clearing out, Rethanis!

If you see only Brave Beta in installed programs and features, it means Brave Beta is the only installed instance of Brave on your PC. In other words, if you had previously used the regular (stable) version of Brave, it appears to no longer be installed on your PC.

Yes. I remember using the regular version before the beta. But I’ve been using beta for a more than a year now and it was colored red on my device. Then it suddenly became blue. The one on the website was red so I got confused and panicked thinking my device has been compromised.

Ah, got you. No worries, it’s an intentional change by developers.

@Mattches could you get someone to do the required changes over here → because I can see how it can be confusing to users, including myself :smiley:


Ohh. I see. You’re truly a ninja. Haha! Thanks man! Hope everyone gets informed to avoid confusion. Ciao!

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