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Is there a way to separate the icons for different builds of Brave? I have the Dissenter, Brave Nightly, and regular Brave Browsers, each with their separate icons on the taskbar. But, when they open up, they all associate with the regular icon. There has to be a way to fix this.

Anyone who has solved this problem, please explain how.

Thank You!

By default each installation should have their own shortcut. Not sure about your issue. :thinking:

They have their own shortcuts to start the browsers, but once they are started, they are all “grouped” into only one of the icons --that icon being the icon for the standard Brave browser.

Maybe someone can install Nightly, Beta, Regular Brave and see what I am talking about. This isn’t just one of my computers, it happens on my Win10 machines and my Ubuntu machines. I know if someone installed these three browsers (or just two of them) like I did, they will see the problem right away.

I guess no one knows how to do it. Oh well. Brave takes all the open, chrome-based browsers and lumps them up on only one icon on the taskbar – EVEN IF, they each have their own shortcut to start.

So, if you have “beta brave” and “regular brave” and have both windows open, each started with their own shortcut, they are both tied to the same shortcut as long as they are open. So, you will have two orange dots on only one of the shortcuts. I don’t know how to state this any simpler.

Thanks for any effort. I really wish I could manipulate the shortcuts easier. It took me long enough to create stand-alone Brave installations. I have the stand-alone install files on my blog, if anyone wants one.

Hello @Vidarr,
Apologize for late response.

I do have multiple Brave installed on my end (Windows 10). And I’m not see the same behavior like you described.

Can you give information about:

  • Your OS
  • Your Brave version
  • A short recording of the behavior

Thanks in advance. Also cc @Mattches

Hello @Vidarr

how did you install brave on your ubuntu did you used snap or the offecial way

if it was using snap then that the issue as i notice install brave using snap lead to very unpredictable issue

and for ubuntu and windows

also for the install Dissenter make some conflict not sure why

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of how this appears on your end? I’ve never seen this before. Typically, on any OS, each Brave installation should be tied to it’s own icon. On my mac, it the dock looks like this:
Clicking on the appropriate icon will select the associated installs open window.

On Windows, each icon opens it’s own window (sorry for the poor/cut off recording – I didn’t realize it looked that way until I was posting this):

Here is a screenshot.


Thank you for the information. I find it strange that Brave Beta seems to open under it’s own shortcut icon but the rest don’t? Going to have to dig a bit further into this – appreciate your patience.

Can you tell me exactly which Linux distro you’re using?

So turns out this is a known issue, but only affects Nightly. This is why Beta appears under it’s own associated icon.

A workaround for fixing the issue on Brave Nightly is to enter the following command in the terminal after updating the browser package:

sudo sed -i '/Actions=new-window;new-private-window;/ a StartupWMClass=brave-browser' /usr/share/applications/brave-browser-nightly.desktop

For Dissenter, you can use the same command, except you will need to replace the location of the file on the tail end of the command (/usr/share/applications/brave-browser-nightly.desktop) to point to the location where Dissenter installs their .desktop file.

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Can you tell me exactly which Linux distro you’re using?

Ubuntu 18.04

OK, I understand it now. Thanks for looking it up.

I have the same browser setup on win10, everything working smoothly, no issues. I wipe my win10 machine and redo everything about once a month (or more if necessary). But here is what I do to get the Brave browsers up and running:

  1. Install one of the Brave versions
  2. Load all the extensions and themes
  3. Set all the settings
  4. Load all the bookmarks.
  5. Download and install 3-4 other Brave versions (Dissenter is built on Brave)
  6. Take the contents of the, now, fully loaded & setup, directory of Brave-Browser copy the contents and paste it into the other 3-4 Browser user files (ex paste into “Brave-Browser-Beta”, “Brave-Browser-Nightly”, etc.

Then, I have 4-5 Brave Browsers all setup and running smoothly. Super easy, super fast. Better than “sync”. Never any problems.
This kind of works on Linux too, but sometimes it causes issues that win10 doesn’t have. Like my current Dissenter was setup like I said above, but the Dissenter Browser now says that this version of Brave (the one I copied the files FROM) is newer than the Dissenter. It still works great, but the popup notification comes up every time I fire up that Dissenter browser.
That is not your problem though. It is my problem and maybe a little bit of Dissenter’s problem (they should stay updated with the core of their browser).
I still want to know why Brave keeps uninstalling the Dissenter Extension, and the YouTube Download Extension.



I’ve responded to the topic you’ve opened on this. Dissenter likely prefers being recognized as Brave so it’s unlikely you’ll see this get resolved on their end any time soon. I hope the Linux commands work for you. Is it safe to mark this thread solved?

The issue with the Dissenter extension is not related to the Dissenter Browser. I’ll explain in the other thread.


Yeah, close it out!!!


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You’re very welcome!