Changing the default Icon to one of the other colors in the icon file

There is one thread with this question but it has not been answered. One person suggested the standard way to change windows icons, but that was not what the poster asked. The standard defualt Brave icon is huge and distracting. IN the program .exe file there are several other colors instead of the red, that would be FAR preferable to those of us with multiple shortcuts stored on our Windows desktop. How can we go about changing which icon Brave uses as its default icon?

THIS response is incorrect. It does not address the question:

I really don’t understand… are you talking about changing the shortcut icon? I’m going to put it out there just in case this is what you are looking for.

  1. Right click current icon
  2. Select Properties from drop-down
  3. Select Change Icon button
  4. Select an icon from the list

Otherwise, I haven’t a clue. Maybe someone else can jump in. If this is more of a development type question, you should check out Brave’s Github sites, it probably has something somewhere… :smiley:

In a way, but not really. In your example you are solving for how to change the Brave.exe program icon. It only works on a shortcut you apply it manually to each time. What I’m talking about is dragging a URL to the desktop to create a shortcut. When that is done, Brave automatically uses the big red & white icon. I’m trying to find a way to get it to use a slightly smaller icon in a less loud color, like the blue or purple versions that are identified as “Dev” or “beta.” I can already change the icons one at a time manually, for every new shortcut, but would rather there be a way to select a smaller, less loud icon for the program to apply automatically by default.

ahhhh, I see, yep, I definitely can’t help you - sounds technical. :wink:

How can I get the Brave icon on to my IOS homepage? I downloaded Brave onto my cell phone, but no icon was ever invented. Help. … thanks

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