Associated files default icon

Desired customizzation
I use your software as the default browser, on Win 10 PC.
I would like to use a customized icon for html files as well as for url shortlink files
It is a little feature, I know but also “cosmetic” matters.
I discovered the registry key involved in this feature control:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\BraveHTML\DefaultIcon, where this modification can be done.
Description of the issue:
The problem is that every time Brave detects a change in this key, it restores it to the Brave icon, the number 0 in the exe file.
How can I avoid the restoration of the Registry Key? Should I block the access/edit permission of some account for this key?
Expected result:
I would like Brave to not modify every 2/3 days that key.
Of course, I do not want to change the default application for browsing, that is Brave.
Please note that I do not prefer to change the main icon in the brave.exe file, since I would like to maintain the standard “lion” icon for the application.
Brave Version:
Version 1.35.101 on Windows 10 vers 21H1

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