Icons and logo customizability

Brave is a great browser. Can we have a way to select the main application icon (and the file type URL icon) at least from a pre-defined set of theme and tone-variated icons.

it looks like dev team and designer(s) of Brave are absolutely fond of red color and crying-out obnoxious design in general, but could please users have some subjective, custom-choice, own preference-based selection mechanism. Something of different tone, suitable for the user choice of UI colors on the desktop and theme.

I would love to select an icon that is of blue-denim tone, to fit my nice eye-friendly neat set-up. I don’t want to see bright red-and-white blobs on my desktop, task bar, start menu, etc. It does not really look like a brave logo, it associates with RED STOP SIGN or an emergency label as on a drug bottle. When I have multiple shortcuts on Desktop, they look like crying out error markers, uninviting and out of place. When I look at Brave icon in Start menu, it looks like “DO NOT TOUCH / DANGER” item, not as something that I like to click on.

Can we have tone-variated and theme-variated icons please.

If I would be uninstalling Brave, this will be because I can’t tolerate this obnoxious current design choice.

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