Recover older wallet

I am trying to import an older wallet from when the recovery key was 16 words long. I am unable to import it though and it shows an error message that seed phrase must be 24 words long.

I have about $600 in BATs on this wallet so I’d rather not lose it. Are wallets not backward compatible?

Hi @tlivings,

Welcome to community! Have you tried following these steps? -

I tried this, sort of. I used old brave to import my older wallet successfully. I then backed up the wallet again. I was able to use the new key phrase to import into the new Brave successfully. However, it shows 0 tokens. I should have 2551.

It looks like the solution was to instead import settings automatically from the old Brave once I had restored wallet in the old Brave. I am now seeing my BAT tokens on the Brave Rewards page (but not not in the Crypto Wallets page). Are these two different wallets or?

Hi @tlivings, the Crypto Wallet is different from the Brave Rewards wallet. Is that what you’re asking? Was your full balance there?

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