When importing old wallet to a new browser, I'm given a new wallet address and lose my crypto after inputting my seed phrase

A little while ago, I transferred 30.65 BAT from my Gemini account to my Brave wallet, but I have since stopped using the computer that I made that wallet account on, and when I input the seed phrase into the new wallet, my BAT does not show up and the wallet address is completely different. The wallet address that I transferred the BAT to is: 0x4E45F24Abcc126d9BB000D6CA3A280ab49de58d8

Did you have a 12 or 24 word seed phrase? Do NOT share it here.
If it was 24 words, you probably need to click the checkbox when restoring the seed phrase “Import from legacy Brave crypto wallets?”. You can reset back to a blank slate here brave://settings/wallet but please make sure you have a backup of what you’re resetting first.

I haven’t shared my seed phrase here or anywhere else. My seed phrase is 12 words long, since that’s the length Brave wallet gave me when I first created the wallet. Should I try doing the “Reset Brave Wallet” option?

You can see your account via eitherscan.

You’re account lives on the blockchain not on any particular computer or wallet. Most likely the seed phrase you given is not the correct one for your original wallet address and points to a different (empty) account. If your current Brave wallet is empty it does not hurt to try again.

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