24 words key error

I stored my 24 words key, but now I need to recovery into another computer but when i enter into “brave rewards” icon -> “manage your wallet” (gear icon) -> Restore
and paste my 24 words, the system came back with message:
“Please re-enter keys or try different keys.”

I don’t have different keys… just those 24 that I saved when I create the reward wallet.

What am i doing wrong?

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Hi @fercaldas, welcome to Community!

When you’re restoring your wallet, are you entering the words in manually, copying and pasting the words or importing the file?
Did you try the recovery more than once?
Do you still have access to your old computer/wallet?

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Hi Aaron, I am having similar issues. On the desktop version for windows 10. I have copied and pasted the words, and typed them manually and in both cases I still receive the following error message - “Please re-enter keys or try different keys.

Hi @fercaldas and @TokenKing, can you send me a DM? How much BAT do you estimate you lost?

I can look into refunding you this amount if it’s indeed a bug on our side.

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It is ok, only lost a small amount, but thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m experiencing the same problem on a new laptop setup. Copied and pasted (Mac) directly from one to the other (not manually) and experiencing the exact same situation as TokenKing.

I realized the backup phrase worked, but not the seed phrase.


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