Activating old wallet / rewards? with seed phrase

For some reason I stopped using Brave two years ago. I just downloaded it again and have a seed phrase dated January 16, 2020.
I can’t find current topics that line up with settings for how to re-store this wallet. And honestly all my notes have is a seed phrase and a date. AND the seed phrase is 24 words. So I don’t actually know if this is to re-store my “Brave Wallet” or if it might have been metamask… (I wouldn’t not think it’s metamask as I use that in my chrome browser and the only reason I bring this up is in this forum alot of the info i found assumed I was trying to restore a metamask walllet).
So is that fact that I found a seed phrase labeled Brave even indicating I have a Brave rewards “wallet” to restore or is this somethings else entirely?

Rewards and Brave wallet are two different things.

You will not be able to restore your rewards, unless you have backed up your profile. But, if it was 2 years ago, I doubt it would work any way. Many changes have been introduced since then.

With regards to your seed phrase, I also have doubts they refer to Brave wallet. Please, someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Brave wallet did not exist 2 years ago.
Did you have any tokens in that wallet? You can always try using the seed phrase and see what happens.

But, to be honest, if you did not miss anything during these 2 years, just start new. Not worth the effort trying to recover old stuff that does not have anything in there.

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