Recaptcha on Google search

I have been using Brave for a while now. I started facing this issue recently on both my PCs where I use Brave Browser. Every time when I google search from the top search bra google is returning a Recaptcha menu. This is annoying since I use google a lot.
Support Needed.
Help me, fellas.

Well, from personal experience, I’m not certain it’s a Brave issue. Have you started using a VPN recently or made changes to it’s settings? The same thing happened with me when I used one on our HTPC. Google “knows” your “regular” location apparently, and kicks up a hissy when you’re trying to access it from an alternate IP address - apparently it can tell if you’re using a VPN to mask your identity as well, but that’s a story for a different time. Hope this helped, but apologies if it did not.

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